Okay, I downloaded it onto my iBook G4. Haven't played in Windows yet, and it'll be a while; no Win2k version.

* Feels marginally slower than Safari 2.0.4 on OS X.
* The resizable textboxes are kinda neat, but fairly gimmicky. I am happy to see that it's checking my spelling now; did it do that before? My vague recollection is that only Firefox did (well, Firefox and OmniWeb, the latter being the first that I recall doing it). In any event, potentially a web form designer's nightmare (though it tends to fill up horizontal space with nothing, which is better than shrinking indiscriminately).
* The new find function is, at best, gimmicky. I suppose it'll make spotting words a touch easier, but still pretty gimmicky. Color scheme works well in Blogger, however.

I'm getting pretty danged tired of having to use the mouse to hit the "Send" button in Gmail, however. Yo, Safari folk, fix that.

AAPL stock is down over $4 a piece already. Ouch.