The worst part about using my new Vista machine is the way the UI really isn't as intuitive for daily use as my iBook. I'm pretty confident I'm keeping the Vostro, but I'm really going to miss OS X. Many of the applications I use are essentially the same wherever I use 'em -- Firefox, iTunes, Safari -- some even benefiting, at least performance-wise, from the move, like Eclipse, Netbeans, and SQuirreL-SQL, but the others where I'm using alternatives -- Thunderbird for Apple Mail, Pidgen for iChat, whatever this is in Windows in place of Aqua & friends -- are huge steps down.

I've also had trouble with the Windows Live Mail beta, and have been logging into Hotmail with Firefox instead of using Entourage. Note to Microsoft: If I check a message in the Junk folder as "Not Junk", that doesn't necessarily mean I've read it. If I've read it in the junk folder, that means I've read it. If I've just checked the sender and subject, I haven't. It's really quite simple.