Okay folks, it's going to remain pretty quiet on my blogging front, enough so that I'm not even shelling out for "fast access" of any sort, but I should, in fairness, pimp VTISP.com as a great dialup provider for $3.95 a freakin month. Kinda puts PeoplePC and NetZero to shame, eh? Granted, you "only" get 150 hours a month, but at worst you just shell out another $4 for 150 more. I haven't run over yet.

Most importantly, the customer service has been incredible. Though they only offer help via email (kinda a catch-22 there, admittedly, but hopefully you can scare up some WiFi), the replies I've gotten are in-depth, well-written, and quite helpful. At $4 a month, I'm not sure how they do it.

Very impressive. If you use dialup or would like it while you're traveling, I hightly recommend that you make this your ISP.