When I read the Low End Mac letters here, I started wondering what the folks that wrote in were thinking. The MacAir is about fashion, not the beat-all end-all in subnotebooks. Sure, I complained about the integrated graphics, but the point is to do everything thin. Of course there's no graphics chip. What percentage of fashion Mac users play high-end games? How does bad gaming impact your ability to look AWESOME at the JavaOne conference?

And the single USB port issue keeps coming up. Get over it, folk. It's MacBook AIR, fools. Use your PowerMac's optical drive. Use a Bluetooth mouse. Use Time Capsule's hard drive. Clue in. The Air ain't about replicating how you use your MacBook. It's about providing a proof-case that the world is ready for wireless appliances.

No pay-to-play WiMax? Duh. Apple's not going to partner with some network provider unnecessarily. I'm impressed with their loyalty to the open network. Using open networks isn't just good for Apple, it's good for the consumer. I love it. Want something non-Apple? Jobs is going to make sure you don't look like a fashion-conscious Mac user, what with the USB WiMax dongle hanging out of your single port. They don't want you doing too many things that aren't part of the design. What, a wired mouse? Ick! At least you can't do a wired mouse and WiMax. Pick one.

The more I see people not getting the point of the MacBook AIR (sorry, I keep feeling I have to emphasize that its name is AIR, dang it. Where's Mr. T when you need him?), the more I like what it can do. This is a neat machine. Apple's proven that you don't need PS/2 port, a floppy, a modem, an optical drive, ethernet, etc etc. Don't complain about what you can't do (though the non-user-replaceable battery concerns me). Be horribly impressed with what you can.

I still don't see it doing much for the stock price, though. ;^)