Haven't we done this once already? I think the Duos are pretty kewl and all, but they didn't really do much for the bottom line. Having dropped from $198 to $168 a share in the last few weeks, Apple's not really looking up now releasing this thing. Well, you can't say Apple doesn't try to be cool.

I do wonder if Apple won't set another trend. First goodbye ADB (PS/2 equivalent) and floppy, now goodbye optical drive and traditional hard drive. The "borrow the DVD player wirelessly" idea was a pretty obvious move. I wouldn't be surprised to find more of that with other mfgrs if this Air jive sells at all. Upset to see no firewire port, but was impressed with the Time Capsule, the Capsule being another great idea that likely won't catch on (like the AirTunes or whatever we had earlier).

This stinks too:
[MacBook Air:] Intel GMA X3100 graphics processor with 144MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory

LOVE ME SOME INTEGRATED VIDEO. Okay, when you're going for thin as in razor thin, I understand, but it doesn't make me happy.