Finally, someone gets it right (

Apple's MacBook Air isn't designed to be all things to all users. It's designed to tell the world 'this is all I need when away from my desk.'

This is the intro to the piece I link to, above, and unfortunately isn't repeated inside. Not sure if the guy writing the article said it or the guy writing the intro to the article, but it's well put. That's exactly what the Air is -- the least you could stand to have when you're away from your "real" computer.

The Air ain't a desktop replacement.
It's not a gaming rig.
It's not a place to edit DV.

It is, quite elegantly put, the least amount of computer you need to not lose a step when you're away from what I'll cheesily call your productivity station, whether that's a tower, all-in-one, or desktop replacement style laptop. Well done.