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Critics panning any new Apple device will almost inevitably compare it to Apple’s only significant product failure this decade, the G4 Cube. Air critics are no exception. But here’s the thing: the Cube was not underpowered. It was, if anything, overpowered. I’ve long thought that if it had been the G3 Cube rather than the G4 Cube — powered more like the then-current iMacs than the then-current Power Macs, and down-priced accordingly — it would have been far more successful. I offer the Mac Mini as proof.

The Mac Mini that the rumor mill keeps convincingly telling us is going to be trashed?

I'll grant that the Cube was overpowered, but then wouldn't we say the same about the MacBook Air? No no, let me be more to the point. It's not about power, but price. The Cube was overpriced. The Mini is not. The Air is overpriced. The MacBook is not. Guess which win?

I'll now point out an older Apple design dud: The Duo. There are people who still swear by them, but they flopped. I really like my Libretto 50CT, but that line hasn't stayed successful. I'm not even sure the revived Libretto line is still around. ??

Ultra-tiny works with iPods; it does not seem to fare so well with computers.

Awl, heck, I'll email Gruber again and clutter his box. He's been nice enough to reply a few times, which suggests he might read most of em.

I'll grant that the Cube was overpowered, but the point isn't power; it's price. Don't limit price to simoleons.

Sure people will pay *money* for cool, but will they pay with *functionality*? Black doesn't cut out the MacBook's optical drive or display resolution. iPod Mini purchases suggest the marginal utility of those extra 11 gigs. I listen to podcasts, load thousands of pictures, and listen to music. My 1gb Nano is only slightly small.

The Cube was overpriced. The Mini is not -- even then we've heard rumors of its demise occasionally. The Air is overpriced. The MacBook is not.

Duos, Librettos... the ultra-tiny may be cool and collect loyal followings, but that doesn't mean tiny-at-a-price-premium will do much for Apple's bottom line. As a stockholder, I hope I'm wrong.

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