Finally, DTV is getting the coverage it deserves, and it's, ironically, the coupons that are driving the coverage. Follow the money, dummy.

Wired News - AP News:

Aitken calls using HDTV broadcasts the 'low-hanging fruit' for TV stations to take advantage of. He points to another big possibility: sending live TV broadcasts to portable devices like cell phones. Adapting the handsets would be simple technically; the far bigger issue is getting broadcasters, programmers, mobile device makers to agree on a standard.

Well, I think we've already got a standard to a certain degree -- it's called the DTV broadcast. The wonder of digital is the ease with which it can be translated onto multiple platforms. DTV signals are just another one-way stream for digital platforms that include a high-res screen to consume, and hopefully we will see inexpensive versions of DTV on our Game Boys sooner than later.