Wired has this to say about Safari's upcoming update:

While Safari began life mainly trying to catch up to existing browsers like Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer, in terms of functionality, it has arrived and now Apple seems to be focusing on speed.

Where the heck was Mr. Gilbertson when Safari was released? The browser's proverbial raison d'etre was to make what was a horribly slow OS seem fast to Grandma One-button Mouse. And it worked. Safari made OS X bearable on my iBook 500, and continues to make it bearable on an old iBook 366 I've since acquired.

Safari has always been about speed, not features. The question is why they continue to worry about speed now that the hardware makes Safari -- and Firefox and Opera and friends -- plenty quick themselves. My penny says that Safari is more about iPhone now than OS X or Windows (gosh, the Windows version S+1NK0RZ), and the codebase is very heavily shared between the three versions. Perhaps this sharing is a good thing, but part of doing things The Right Way is Right Behavior, which Windows ain't got.

In any event, what really peeves me is that Mr. Gilbertson is pretty obviously a johnny come lately to the Mac, or at least someone who left the Mac for a few years when OS X came out. Why can't he check in with a buddy who knows Macs before blogging?