Looks like Java is coming to the iPhone and, with it, an even better argument for me getting one. Still insanely expansive, and I've got a contract with Sprint *grumble* for a while yet, but this is very good news.

From InfoWorld, brought to my attention via MacRumors.com:

Sun Microsystems is developing a Java Virtual Machine for Apple's iPhone and plans to release the JVM some time after June, enabling Java applications to run on the popular mobile device.

There's really only one thing I'd like to make for the iPhone right now, and that's a mesh-networking application. There's some concern Apple's against apps running in the background, and there's no doubt creating and sustaining a mesh network would eat batteries like mad when the network was used. Still, such a service, GPL'd, would really redo the cellular wars. I wondered how cheap an device you could make that could work with the newly/planned to be opened (for a fee) Verizon network...

In other news, did you know you could get a router (no, for woodworking) for about the price of a videogame? Man, what have I been doing buying games?!