Look, I don't know if this adds to its credibility, but the rumor of a smaller Mac Mini (Looprumors via Macrumors) makes a lot of sense.

Looprumors claims that they have heard that both the iMac and Mac mini are coming soon. They uniquely report, however, that the Mac mini will see a 'dramatic change' in form factor, with a design that is 'less than half the size' of the current design.

The iPod is getting lots "bigger" via the iPod Touch and iPhone, now PDA/WiFi/gaming consoles, and the consumer Macs are getting lots smaller, as with the MacBook Air. It's interesting that the Air is relatively inexpensive, cheaper than the low end MacBook Pro. It makes sense -- the Air is crippled from screen to memory to ports -- but Apple likes to sell cool, and I wouldn't've been overly surprised to see a high price. Between the Air commercial barrage, from American Idol to, well, everywhere, and the price, I think Apple's looking at the equation Small + Cool + Consumer == Buckige.

For the Mini to get closer to an iPod, combined with the rumor that Intel is making a bid to power the next iPhone, and I think we've got a predictable direction being followed at Apple.