In April, I complained that I could no longer paste from Firefox 3.0 to NVu, and least not with the pages' formatting intact. The ability to do so was far and away my favorite and most used feature in NVu. If I was on a Mac, Safari would cut and paste formatting into other WebKit apps, like Mail, and the two engines had distinct presences on my Mac. Now, Firefox's usefulness dropped. On the Mini, I didn't install 3.0 for that reason. Well, that and it's lots slower, so noticably so I often wonder if I shouldn't go back.

Well, the way to fix this was either to use Seamonkey when I needed to cut and paste with formatting, or to create this page. If you nav there, you can start using Firefox as editor and then save your changes using that document.designMode='on'; trick I discussed earlier. I'll probably put it in the links section at the top of the blog too, just for laughs.

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