You know, I don't yet know that I don't like Mr. Obama and am inclined to feel the opposite, but this from the NY Times drives me crazy:

The crowd in the Pepsi Center roared as one and then began to chant, "Hillary, Hillary, Hillary."

Argh. It's everything that's wrong with the US. (No, it's not the Hillary luv either. Bad guess.)

I like the Times. I really like that they still call everyone "Mr. Obama" and "Mrs. Clinton". It's nostalgic and, well, genteel. You shouldn't have to talk that way, but it's good to know that the register of life in the US uses language in a style that your grandparents would approve.

But, well, I think there's only one thing left to complain about. And it drives me freakin crazy.

Esoteric rant comprehensible only by the author over.

EDIT: Okay, here's a hint.

The convention moves from the Pepsi Center to the 70,000-seat Invesco Field for Thursday night’s acceptance speech by Senator Obama.

I hate that twice as much.