From <Glazblog/>:

Firefox is the root of the buzz, the root of the income, the root of the success, the root of the massive hiring process Mozilla started. Seamonkey is not a part of it any more, xulrunner is not a part of it any more, I hardly see how webrunner fits into that strategy, Mozilla just does not care about the editing companion to Firefox whatever its name Nvu or Composer, and Thunderbird is itself taken out from under the wings of Mozilla Corporation. The whole thing is about Firefox. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying it's bad or good. It's factual, period. So the modernity factor, the quality factor, the freedom factor and the coolness factor are NOT attached to the name 'Mozilla' for the public, sorry to say.

I mean, I kinda got that feeling already. What I suppose I didn't quite understand is that not only has any sort of brand recognition with Mozilla been ditched, it's been ditched because it gives inferior performance in public considerations. Mozilla is not a neutral, relatively obscure brand, it is, instead, negative, dated, and unuseful.

There's a reason it's called the browser war, I suppose. But what does this say about the place of html authorship and email in the public?

And we're back to the question of what is [that hated moniker] Web 2.0 supposed to mean? iMovie to YouTube takes the place of Mozilla Composer to your geocities site?

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