What's "Incognito Mode"? From Incognito Window (aka P0rn Mode):

Think of incognito as a 'privacy mode' to prevent tracking from those local and also by websites sharing data about you. Since the advent of browsing the web in the 90's, parents have been slapping their kids around for their surfing habits.� Spouses have been busting each other and using computer data in court cases for custody battle.� Incognito mode throws a wrench into the whole spy game by hiding your tracks.

This is probably the most revolutionary feature to be built into current browsers since pop-up blockers.� We say current browsers because� Microsoft has been testing a similar feature in Internet Explorer v8 (Beta 2) called 'In Private' mode which also does not save browsing, search history, cookies, form data or passwords with automatic clearing of browser cache.

Might be worth pointing out that Safari has had just such a feature ("Private browsing" or some such) for a while, now, as well as the "Reset Safari" menu item, which, if it actually does what it says, should render anything you do in cognito [sic] mode moot too. I've kinda wondered if that was a smart idea from Apple. What happens if you surf in private mode, reset the browser, and your spouse or parent still bustifies you? Isn't Apple left holding the bag, or at least responsible for your holding it? Seems like unnecessary liability for browser makers.

Cute icon, anyhow, though it ain't no dancing moon.

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