From the Times' Straining to Reach Money Goal, Obama Presses Donors:

A recent e-mail message to McCain fund-raisers unveiled new incentives to spur them in their final push. For the primary, anyone who raised $100,000 or more earned the title of Trailblazer, while those who raised $250,000 or more became Innovators. Now Trailblazers who raise another $100,000 for the party for the general election can become Super-Trailblazers, and Innovators who raise another $250,000 earn the title of Super-Innovators.

Now if that ain't big news... It's amazing what people will do for titles. If you didn't think WoW carried over into the "real world", guess again. I used to think the people spending hours on gaming hours to get honorary titles were crazy, but now it appears such dedication for meaningless rewards is a true life skill.

*sigh* So let's start giving to McCain now on behalf of MyFreakinName so that I, ur, we all can be SUPER TRAILBLAZERS!!!