From 9 to 5 Mac:

The big news of the day? Google announces Google Chrome, a WebKit (yes the very same Webkit that Safari uses) based-browser.

So far, my favorite part of the comic is the little dancing moon on the bottom of page 13. Ain't he cute?! Man, I loved Java applets; all that potential, all the fear from MS, and what does it produce? Dancing moons. Very nice.

So what's Google's angle, other than potentially saving paying out a tiny bit in Google search bar licensing fees? Hrm... I do wonder how much more information this browser will provide Google that they don't/can't get from clients currently. And if I have to hear about one more different brand o' Javascript engine coming out, I'm going to puke.

EDIT: Well, here's some of what's potentially being phoned, and also how Google hopes to help make crrrrrrrazy cash.

And here's our favorite dancing moon, used for good effect elsewhere in the comic. (The comic, btw, is especially geeky. Does that primarily reflect who is supposed to be using it, or is that who is supposed to start programming for it? I couldn't finish the comic "for fun," so hopefully I didn't miss too much.)

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