Not only does say that there's a new Mac mini coming down the pipe, they also point out that I've been way off in my conception of its importance to Apple. I always assumed it was the bait and switch consumer model. Not so much, the mini experts say.

My point is that there an incredible amount of Mac minis in business. If you ask a Business Consultant at your local Apple Store, they'll likely tell you that Mac minis sell to businesses over consumers 2 to 1.

And though the reasons I want a mini includes updated OS X and iLife, I'm largely in it for "business" too; I need x86 to try out iPhone/touch programming.

Elsewhere, the colo folk claim the mini will have the Mini [sic] DisplayPort, 4 gig RAM ceiling, and a SATA hard drive. They also say that there's good reason to expect it to *not* have an NVIDIA GPU, though they hope they're wrong. I'd tend to agree it won't be in there; that'd muddle up the desktop line a bit.

In any event, very good news. I'm looking forward to the possibility of a new mini.