Okay, well, I didn't actually predict it on the blog, but I did predict MacBook Pros' lack of SLI wasn't a hardware issue (10/17, no less!).

[Quoted earlier post:] This original [tests of the MacBooks Pros' benchmarks on Windows] led some people to believe that both GPUs were being used. This has since been denied by NVIDIA. The discrepancy is hard to explain, however, so we may have to wait for more benchmarks to believe these dramatic gains.

[Me:] Yeah, but the tests were run under Boot Camp. NVIDIA only said it wasn't running SLI in OS X, right? This would be good news for SLI once Apple's engineers have time to implement it. Apple does have a pretty long record of putting off doable improvements (as a Java programmer, I've been hit with them again and again) in the interest of releasing now.

So here we go, from Macrumor's MacBook Pro's NVIDIA Chipsets Can Support Dual GPU and 8GB RAM:

NVIDIA advertises two features under the marketing name 'Hybrid SLI'.
According to this most recent statement by NVIDIA representatives, the MacBook Pro's hardware is capable of both, but will need specific software support to be written by Apple.

QED. Thank you, thank you. You read it here by me in the Macrumors forums first. Honestly, I don't think anyone else called that one. Hail me!

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