There's a blip where the designer of the new Macbook enclosure says that Apple simply cares [more]. I'm still pretty peeved that all of the Mac "journalists" at today's keynote didn't bother to ask where the daggum Firewire port went on the MacBook. I don't think this is simply another Mezzanine slot removal, where putting away a connector saves Apple a ton of dough when they're creating millions of boxes. I mean, obviously that's part of any equation, but we're missing something here -- the insertion of the upsell. The old plastic MacBook is still for sale, but otherwise missing from Apple's website, as it stands. I'm pretty confident it's got Firewire, but wonder how much longer it and its faster processor will be around.

Doesn't sound like there was any discussion on slower $1299 model processors (the 1299 proc is even slower than the 999 version now, and with Gruber's head's up, that also should have been a question -- make Jobs get behind GPUs full force, or have him more intelligently start pointing out where it'll do better and worse, a la AltiVec and G4s) either. Makes me think the plastic MacBook is just waiting to be sold off before it's removed.

If it's gone, you've now got to shell out an extra $900 to edit footage from FireWire DV corders from your Apple laptop. Thanks Steve.

In any event, two easy follow-up questions not asked -- what's with the processor and where did Firewire go? -- on a pretty ho-hum presentation in general. Thanks for caring.

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