Getting rid of "Quicktime and and a TIFF (uncompressed) decompressor..." errors in Word, from here and edited quickly for appearance and truncated a bit.

Here's the simple solution if you are on a PC and have no access to a macintosh. The solutions mentioned above aren't really complete and therefore don't work.

download GZIP from
save the document (word, powerpoint etc - whatever it is) as a webpage (htm/html).
Go to the subdirectory created along with that web file and find the .pcz file
Rename it as .gz (eg. REN *.PCZ *.GZ).
copy GZIP.EXE into the same directory as the picture file.
use the command GZIP -d *.gz
in the directory and you'll find a file without a file extension.
Rename the file and give it the extension .PICT

Now you'll be able to open the picture, assuming you have quicktime installed, by simply double clicking on it.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

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