The rumor mill is again buzzing about the new Mac Mini which looks like it'll pop up next week. I've been drooling over this enough that it's a surprise that I missed this bad news two weeks ago at

Like the higher-end MacBook and MacBook Pro, the 2.3-GHz Mac Mini will ship with an Nvidia video card, making this higher-end model a decent gaming device.

Ha. Define "decent."

I guess I missed it because the header to the list of features starts with, "Here's what believes will be in the next Mac Mini," which means it's worth bupkis. Yet if they're right, and if the $500 version still has cruddy Intel integrated, the $700 model suddenly becomes much more attractive, both for very light gaming and OS 10.6. Curse you Apple and your perfect profit maximization machine, here again expertly displayed by the Mini's features and price. I mean, if you're going to spend $700, a MacBook's only $300 more... A trip to the Apple store in a week will probably have me leasing a Mac Pro. *sigh*