I'm still in the PowerPC world, which means that I haven't purchased a new Mac in, what, nearly four years? That's pretty good control for me.

But there's a rumor of a new Mini at the upcoming MacWorld, so I started thinking it was finally my time. But then this:

Despite the early showing, actual delivery of [OS X 10.6] is not expected for at least a couple of months later. This timeframe would still bring it into the 1st Quarter 2009 timeframe that was previously suggested by Apple's Director of Engineering of Unix Technologies.

*sigh* Guess March/April it is. No reason not to finish waiting it out at this point. Guess I'll skip 10.5 entirely.

In other news, I did grab the MacUpdate bundle today. RapidWeaver is a great application, DefaultFolder gets reviews so good you wonder why it isn't part of the OS (what, it will be in 10.6? Thanks, Watson), Drive Genius and MacGourmet might be fun to try out, and WhatSize is a nice app. Wonder why they make you pay for it now?

Still, RapidWeaver by itself runs $79, $30 to upgrade from the version I have now. Not too shabby.