Look, this rumor (macrumors.com) makes no sense:

A series of reports from 9to5Mac indicate that Apple is going to make a major effort to turn portions of their iLife and iWork products into Internet services. This would allow some or all of iWork and iMovie to be accessed from your web browser and possibly your iPhone. Critics of the move, however, point to the problematic launch of Apple's MobileMe web-services.

Seriously, iMovie online? Are you kidding? Do you know how difficult it is to get 10 gigs of DV online?

I understand iMovie likes to upload directly to YouTube now. I've used iMovie with YouTube, and it's pretty intuitive and cool. But you aren't making DVD quality movies online with the current speed on consumer pipes. Might Apple do some MobileMe-ish thing to copy YouTube? Maybe. Should be about as useful and successful as MSN.

That iMovie-as-DV-editing-software might hit the cloud in some significant way is the dumbest rumor -- or at least the most poorly worded rumor -- I've heard.

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