Newly Poor Swell Lines at Food Banks -

Here in Morris County, one of the wealthiest counties in the country, the Interfaith pantry opened for an extra night last week to accommodate the growing crowds. Among the first-time visitors were Cindy Dreeszen and her husband, who both have steady jobs — his at a movie theater and hers at a government office — with a combined annual income of about $55,000.
“I didn’t think we’d even be allowed to come here,” said Ms. Dreeszen, 41, glancing around at the shelves of fruit, whole-wheat pasta and baby food. “This is totally something that I never expected to happen, to have to resort to this.”

Admittedly $55k in NY must disappear -- in housing, I assume -- more quickly than in my poor side of the country, but come on. Seriously? $55k and you're in a food bank? Might be time to downsize the house, bad market or no.

I need more information to feel justified in doing so, but this story burns. me. up. Every dollar box of pasta they take is one some family who really needs it is missing.

If you take handouts and are eating ANYTHING better than those handouts at any time between stops, STOP ROBBING THE HUNGRY NOW. I eat pasta. Sure I'd prefer to get pasta and kid food for free. But I should give up, oh, say the Chips Ahoy! before I rob the hungry. *stew & burn*

Man, I'm in a pissy mood today, eh?