Wow. I recently got my stereo out of storage, where it'd sat for years on years. I'm not sure my speakers are what they once were, and my EQ still hasn't shown up, but I did get enough together to try out my iPod blasting through the amp & speakers.

Ouch. Wow. Bad.

I'd convinced myself that the 110 disc CD player I'd purchased about a decade ago was wasted money. Now I believe the music I've purchased at 256 kbs from Amazon and Apple were burned dollars.

So though I don't think I ever wrote it, I've often thought I didn't have a good enough ear to really tell the difference between 192 kbs and CDs, and that I had good enough backups of my collection on my Macs. Not true. My apologies for so much as thinking such blasphemy. Wow. I think I'm going to be buying Before the Frost on vinyl.

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