From Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows: Apple iTunes 9:

The rest of [iTunes 9, aside from better sync'ing features for iPods/phones] is about lock-in, mostly, but of course, Apple's most fanatical fans relish corporate micromanagement of their lives, and they'll embrace iTunes 9 blindly like the lemmings they are.

Minorly more interesting is how I found that post, which is Frank Fox's column at Low End Mac, which I think means to say that Windows users are finally getting a good dose of what Mac users often get -- bad ports of apps whose interfaces are more familiar to Windows users than the users of the machines on which they're running. Word 6, was it?, or perhaps the next version was so Windows-like, I believe Mac users somewhat famously rejected it. A number of Java apps, back when there were lots of Java apps with UIs on both, did something similar. Mac users were always second classers.

iTunes is specifically an app to get folks used to the Mac OS. It's a pretty good move, overall, by Apple. Get over your initial disorientation on iTunes for Windows, and once you use a Mac, you'll have even less to relearn.