Seamonkey 2.0, the real successor to Netscape, is out.

The good:
* Doesn't seem slower.
* Has the Firefox 3.5.4 engine.
* Icons are much better (see pic) -- I can tell the difference between Composer and Mail windows now just by looking. ;^)
* Apparently supports more Firefox add-ons

The bad:
* ProFontWindows is no longer displayed correctly in editable text boxes or for email composing; lots of pixel bleed.
* Rendering speed a mixed bag.
* Having some issues with pulling the contents of IMAP message from Gmail. I don't store anything locally with SeaMonkey. I wouldn't be surprised if that config wasn't tested so well, esp. since they're supposed to have changed IMAP in this version.

I use the Monk b/c it's easier on my P3 600 MHz Toughbook -- less overhead when your browser and mail handler are using the same space. I also use it to test websites. I'll keep the site in Monkey and Google code/docs in Firefox, making reloading and testing an easy alt-tab affair rather than a ctrl-` fiasco. Overall, it's been a good browser for me.

Admittedly, I'm still waiting for a search bar displayed by default. Can't have it all.

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