I think the decision for Psystar to Change Tactics and Sell Mac OS X-Ready Computers? (Mac Rumors) is a more important test case than might be immediately evident.

With Apple having already won a judgment against Psystar for copyright infringement, Psystar's tactic of shifting the burden of OS X installation to the customer appears to be its new primary strategy for attempting to remain in business.

This reminds me of the GIMP without gif support or Audacity without LAME or Handbrake without whatever does the DeCSSing (in this case VLC, and the strange battle in Handbrake of making VLC be installed in the OS X Applications folder only). At what point is the gun close enough to being loaded that when it goes off somewhere it shouldn't that it's the seller's fault?

Boy, that was a horribly botched metaphor. Still, I think the point is a useful one. To butcher another, if there's this potentially illegal combination of a square hole and a square peg and I'm not only making the hole, but pointing it out in neon lettering and giving you instructions, as well as some, let's say, coupling technology that helps you insert it (I hate Freud), have I breached copyright? At what point might the law come back to attack Handbrake and Audacity? Pystar's is, it would seem, an important precedent-setting case.