From The Cheapskate at CNET News on how to get $100 off some phones and netbooks at Wirefly.

To see all the options, head to Bing, sign into your account (or create one if you haven't already), search for Wirefly, then click the listing that shows the Bing cashback symbol.

I've been thinking that people should make "affiliate" links in pages green instead of the normal blue to show that, when you follow a link to a book at Amazon from a blog, for instance, that the blog author is going to take a cut. There's something underhanded about not including that information when the only way you'd know it's happening is to tease it out of the querystring of a URL in your status bar as you mouseover the link (a statusbar which Safari, for example, doesn't even display by default).

Looks like Bing has taken this sort of covert monetizing public. I'm familiar with A9 or whatever Amazon's search was and how using it could bag you a discount, but am completely in the dark about Bing.

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