The hardback's only $13, but I've been reading more books on my iPod touch recently than hardback, so I thought I'd see if I could find a good eBook version. No luck at Amazon or, but a quick Google got me this...

For The Win � Download for Free:

Below you'll find lnks to downloadable editions of the text of For the Win. These downloads are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license, which lets you share it, remix it, and share your remixes, provided that you do so on a noncommercial basis. Some people don't understand why I do this -- so check out this post if you want my topline explanation for why I do this crazy thing.

Wow. Very nice. It's nice to see someone be quite this dedicated to ideals. Is it worth $13 to have a printed copy in my hands? Probably not. The last two books I've read (and am reading) as codices -- Deon Meyer's Dead Before Dying and Brian Herbert's horribly written but exceptionally interesting Dreamer of Dune are both old library hardbacks via Amazon's used marketplace. $6-7 is about my max these days.

I don't know that many starving artists are going to go this route, nor would their publisher probably go for it either, as this is a move that would kill fledgling sales. Still, I'm nearly always impressed when people treat information as something Free, and this is one of those times I'm happily impressed. The whole world's a library!

EDIT: It looks like the easiest way to read this on an iPhone or iPod is to get the Stanza app. Once you've got it, hit "Get Books", Catalo, scroll down to "Free Books", select Feedbooks - Free Content, Public Domain Books, Authors, etc etc.

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