Nothing too earth shattering today from Apple. The App Store for Macs is a pretty good idea to steal from iOS, as are the WriteRoom like full screen apps.

The item that hit me most squarely is the processor in the new 11" MacBook Air. It's an Intel Core 2 Duo running at 1.4 GHz. That's not a misprint -- it's .4 GHz slower than the previous MBA lowest rung and about a third slower than the one I'm using in my year-old MacBook now. This reminds me of the Atom processors in netbooks, as does the size, price, and lack of ports. The 11" MBA is, essentially, Apple's netbook. Why does Jobs say it isn't one? Well, because they're charging more than $200 for it. Even with the Mac Tax, a netbook shouldn't be more than, what, $7-800?

The MBA for a grand is tempting. I'd love to lose two pounds, and the new MBA takes 4 Gigs of RAM, twice the soldered-on amount previously offered. Still, it just ain't fast. Goodbye, Moore.

If it had 3G for a grand, however, I'd be more tempted. Honestly, I half-way expected to hear 3G was the third iPad lesson to be brought back to the Mac.

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