I'm watching the stream of "Back to the Mac", and he's a poor parrot of Jobs. The jeans and the hyperbole are both pretty sad emulations of the CEO. I'm already scared with the growth of the Mac in the last year, as it's not sustainable, which helps limit stock growth. Now I'm more and more scared that the company without Jobs will, as everyone expects, be a shell. It'll carry forward for a while, but Mr. Copy Pants and his turned up fleece collar (parroting another stereotype) doesn't have the ability to lead.

(Note: Gruber disagrees via twitter:
Love how Cook is just wearing a windbreaker.
11 minutes ago via Tweetie for Mac

I wonder what that means.)

I mean, come on, Jobs looks dumb. Black turtleneck is fine, but tucking it into jeans with running shoes every day all the time is idiotic. He's a dork. And he's powerful and charismatic enough that we ignore the faux pas. Cook looks like a doofus without the charisma. He's stumbling through his hyperbole, showing he has to think about what he's saying, translating his message into the foreign tongue his peeps are used to rallying around. Jobs is Trump, Cook is Merv Griffin.

There's still a ton of potential at Apple. HDTVs and iPhones on new carriers are growth areas. I would expect the stock price to go up a great deal more. But without the direction of the perfectionist at the top, they're toast.

EDIT: Looks like Don Draper is working on iPhoto 11.