Re: Are Java and Flash doomed on the Mac? — RoughlyDrafted Magazine

Ah Dilger, the Jim Rome of Apple journaltisement.

The only problem is that developers use Java, not just to develop, but also for using xplat coding apps -- like Eclipse or phpStorm. Or SQuirreL-SQL. Java's a place that xplat partnerships can happen, even if the end result is a tool for coding [non-Java] rather than an end-user, client-facing app. That's exactly how Apple used Java in Mac OS X Server. There's a reason so many server admin tools started out with a Java GUI, and a reason WebObjects was Java.

And the more Java developers you have on OS X, the more developers you'll have considering and learning Objective-C.

So either Apple already knows Oracle's going to support Mac Java (which is a perfect world) or they're potentially misstepping, taking one too many lessons from the iPad back to the Mac.

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