I'm trying to learn Firefox extensions for a project, and have been slogging (sloooowly) through Robert Nyman's popular howto. In his install.rdf and chrome.manifest, he has all lowercase directory names, even though he has, um, headed camel case (HeadedCamelCase?) in the actual directory. I wasn't sure if that could cause an install error, so I Googled around.

Chrome registration - MDC Doc Center:

Warning: Firefox 2, ThunderBird 2, and SeaMonkey 1.1 will not find the chrome when packagename is mixed case. If the above example had a packagename of CamelCasePackage, you would get an error message similar to 'No chrome registered for chrome://camelcasepackage/path/to/files'. Firefox 3, ThunderBird 3, and SeaMonkey 2 support mixed case. Bug resolved in Mozilla 1.9. See Bug 132183.

So it's not something you have to do, and is more of an appendix from past quirks of extension building.

The error I was having, btw, is when zipping my extension into an xpi... I was zipping the entire folder instead of zipping the contents of the folder into the xpi. So I could name my folder any darned thing I wanted to, I guess, when I'm packaging.

This extension building thang ain't as well doc'd as most project I'm used to doing. It's harder to Google how to do this than to Google up good JavaMail examples, eg.

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