After Security Breach, Companies Warn of E-Mail Fraud -

In e-mails to their customers, the companies asked them to be cautious but also sought to reassure them that the hackers obtained only e-mail addresses and names, not passwords, account numbers, credit card information or other more sensitive data. �

“Your account and any other personally identifiable information were not at risk,” the clothing retailer, New York and Company, told its customers in an e-mail.

Your personal information is not at risk. We have always been at war with Eurasia.

At some point, somebody's going to cave and give out everything. Then we'll see what it means to be us, and what it means to have a google's worth of data mapped to us in some symbolic way.

By the way, kudos to the NYT for this line:
Epsilon has some 2,500 clients, though not all of them use its-mail marketing services. The company said that about 2 percent of its clients were affected. It declined to say how the hack occurred or why the email addresses were not encrypted.