Visual Studio supports sending your code to an external tool, and one of those can be VIm. So hello, F1 to VIm.

Integrate gvim with Visual Studio - Vim Tips Wiki:

Vim as an External ToolEdit
If you like Vim and use MS Visual Studio .NET for debugging and want a lightweight way to open the file you're currently debugging in VS in Vim, you can add Vim as an external tool. This will let you use a single keystroke to open the current VS file in vim with the cursor at the same line and even at the same column.

The Tool: In Visual Studio, Tools > External Tools > Add:

Title: &Vim
Command: C:\Vim\vim73\gvim.exe
Arguments: --servername VimualStudio --remote-silent +"call cursor($(CurLine),$(CurCol))" $(ItemFileName)$(ItemExt)
Initial directory: $(ItemDir)
If you have other settings you'd like to apply (like normal zz to centre the cursor or updating path for :find, then you can put them in ~/.vim/visualstudioinvoke.vim and add +"runtime visualstudioinvoke.vim" before $(ItemFileName).

The Shortcut: In Visual Studio, Tools -> Options -> [Environment ->] Keyboard:

Command: [Tools.]ExternalCommand1 (it's easiest if you move your Vim external tool to be the first, otherwise use the correct index).
Shortcut key: [image and bracketed jive mine -mfn]

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