Linux GUI Development: Monodevelop 2.6 review and screenshots � The Mac Daddy:
This blog is part of a series looking at programming tools on linux and covers MonoDevelop 2.6

MonoDevelop 2.6 is awesome I first tried MonoDevelop about a year ago and gave up quickly. It just wasn’t usable, but these days it’s a totally different story.

I've got to say that I've had a similar experience. Last time I tried Mono/MonoDevelop, it stunk. And I was largely using SharpDevelop for my C# play (from which MonoDevelop forked), so it wasn't simply disliking the IDE's setup. Now, it seems ready to do some work, and I'm going to try this morning.

It does seem to eat up the battery on OS X, but we'll see if I can't get a couple of hours. I've had to remove the Ajax Control Toolkit reference, which I was using for its pretty danged impressive ComboBox implementation, but that was my only change to get things running. Oh, that, and using ClearSelection on DropDownLists, as having a default selected and then filling the GUI with values later apparently clashes in Mono-land.

But it's otherwise pixel perfect so far. I'm using data serialized to XML already for testing, so there's no chance for a connection issue. We'll see.