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Re: MonoDevelop WinForms?
WinForms is the System.Windows.Forms namespace. MonoDevelop has no integrated support for designing GUIs with WinForms - instead, it has an integrated editor for GTK# GUIs. You can hand-write WinForms GUIs if you want to, though

Welp, that kinda stinks. I actually ordered a horrendously inexpensive, likely wholly underpowered laptop so that I could program ASP.NET on the go (well, and to have an inexpensive copy of Windows 7 handy), and I think MonoDevelop on OS X might make me think I was an idiot for doing that for ASP.NET, but now not so much for when I want to run Windows applications.

(A laptop just for Windows? RLY? I seriously considered the MacBook Air and $130 for Windows 7, but I couldn't justify the extra price. And there are times I've got to get out of the home office and run to Starbucks to keep programming, so mobility is relatively important. And, finally, I had Boot Camp on my MacBook, which doubles as my primary OS X box, before, but it wasn't particularly wieldy. I often like to boot into OS X, and being a hard reboot away was simply too far. Another laptop "needed". There's just nothing good under $400. We'll see if that AMD E-450 is any good, though CPU Benchmarks tells me probably not (compare to my Core 2 Duo and Athlon X4. Ouch.))

That said, the Windows.Forms project does run with MonoDevelop/Mono without any tinkering, which is quite impressive. Obviously GTK look and feel, but it runs! Much more robust/mature than the last time I fooled around with this, iirc.

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