I can fill out my order. I can put the stock in my "cart". I can click "Checkout". But nothing happens. (Preview doesn't work either.)

Going to see if this is an IE-only app. Honestly, there's no way to screw this up. It's the simplest system. If it's not an overloaded server issue, the coders are cruddy.

Update: Yep, appears to be an IE thing. That worked, no problem, other than your standard timeouts. Not even the certificate warning that I got on Firefox.

Seriously, though, how a company that banks tens of millions of dollars in profit each year can let some yokel make an WinIE only sales cart for their fund raising makes me really wonder. How many thousands might be on the table if they don't sell out of stock? (Apparently they didn't sell it all last time, iirc.)

Oh well, guess it doesn't matter when there are idiots like me who'll buy. That's the single most stupid purchase I've made since, well, let's not get into it. ;^D