On Windows at least, Safari will apparently check some system-wide setting and see if there's a proxy it should be using. This would be taken from some wacky .pac file or some such.

So when Safari pops open a window saying... "To view this page you must log in to the http proxy server", you're probably (?) supposed to be blocked from viewing that site by your [office?] proxy. I've noticed that I can type in real mature stuff like "doo doo" for the user name and password and still through, however, so I'm not sure what's going on there.

To fix this (at least for me), you can go to settings in Safari, click Advanced, click the Change Settings button next to Proxies, click the LAN settings button on the new dialog, then if "Use automatic configuration script" is checked, uncheck it.


That was a pain. I wanted to use Safari as my "no Javascript" test browser, and it was initially just hanging, and then it did this proxy jive after reinstall. Fun times.

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