I should probably use QuickSilver to switch to apps too far down the Command-Tab line, but I don't. I Command-Tab 12 times like an idiot instead. We'll see if this cuts down on Command-Tabbing a little.

Keyboard shortcut to Launchpad on OS X Lion|Imagineric:

Launchpad is great for finding an application when I forget it’s name or isn’t properly indexed by Alfred yet.

[To set up a keyboard shortcut for Launchpad, which doesn't have one by default...] Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts. Click on Launchpad & Dock. You’ll see that Show Launchpad is selected but there is no shortcut associated with it. In a fit of usability awkwardness (very un-Apple), it’s not clear how to set the shortcut. Double-click to the right of the row below the dock hiding shortcut, and an input field will appear. Perform your shortcut input there (I chose to use CMD-OPT-L). It’s set and will trigger now.