Android Market, Books, Music rebranded "Google Play" to compete with Apple's iTunes:

Google has rebranded its Android Market mobile software store as Google Play, folding in Google Music and the company's eBookstore to create a single brand for all of its digital and cloud based content services, similar to Apple's iTunes.

Amazon already had a good, self-sustaining ecosystem for the Kindle Fire with its own app store and music app and, of course, Kindle reader, and now Google's finally following. Google's initiatives do often feel disjointed, as if each was born in Google Labs and left as it grew up to fend for itself. Putting them under the same marketing umbrella will undoubtably get those teams working together a little more closely, which is a good thing for Android.

I still wonder how long before Google tries to close Android and turn Nexus into a Google-Motorola-only event. Lots of Google rebranding. Google+, Google Play... Maybe Nexus/Android is next.