Bug 380252 – Mono.Data.SQLite crashes on call to SqliteDataAdapter.Fill(DataTable table) with simple SELECT:
It might be useful to fix the DataTable Load & Fill methods so that
sqlite3_column_origin_name() is avoided; the above email suggests:
I see this issue was opened AGES AGO!!! My word guys lets fix/improve this
shall we? Save the developers of the world lots of heartache...

You think?  Man, what a pain.  Apparently all the binaries for SQLite on OS X, including the preinstalled one, bork on when you call the function sqlite3_column_origin_name.  Luckily that's only used for stuff like, well, loading freaking DataTables.  So I have to recompile SQLite to get it to work and, if I release an app using it into the wild on OS X, have to get schomes to update theirs too, which is insane.

What a pain.  This is why I thought I'd probably end up using C#-SQLite anyhow.  Then I can include a dll that's all in C# or even embed the db in the code of my project.  But what a pain when that's the easiest solution.

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