Apple Planning Major Overhaul of iTunes to Emphasize iCloud and Sharing - Mac Rumors:

The revamped iTunes application is set to launch before the end of the year and is said to be one of the largest sets of changes since the iTunes Store's debut in 2003.

Sorry for the sorry headline.

iTunes was released in 2001, and except for Genius and iPod integration, its musical side is essentially unchanged.  I've complained here a few times that I was disappointed with its inability to provide a semantic style/group think synthesis of your music into something more resembling a personal radio station.  I'm disappointed that it doesn't have the rough edges (and there are many more) smoothed out in general for what's closer to a reasonable decade's worth of edge cases. I really like the way Pandora suggests new music, and have purchased probably 10-12 CDs in the last year, nearly all from stuff I've "found" (or had plattered) for me by them. Why iTunes still can't do the same -- and beat it by using the songs it knows I have and like -- I don't know. iTunes Match is still something I feel like I should get for free, at least if I'm using a relatively recent Mac.

I don't know. Hopefully they're finally pushing past the aughts.