(image by Chang W. Lee/The New York Times)

Okay, look. NYC has been warning they were going to tax soft drinks for a while. I'm not against that, really. An over availability of cheap calories over an under availability is A Good Thing, but come on (he says as he sips a Pepsi). We don't need soft drinks to insure everyone stays healthy.

But here's my real problem -- you're going to tax 32 oz drinks with resealable caps? Really? If you want to force makers to release single-serving containers (I'm looking at you, 12 oz Pepsi) in sensible sizes, like 9-10 oz, great. But if they have a resealable top, well, whose fault is it that you drink it all at once? I just nursed a 24 oz Dr. Pepper through three days. You can too.

No reason to tax mfgrs for consumers' gluttony. You tax manufacturers for their encouragement of over-consumption, but that stops at the pop cap, I think.

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