No, I can't say I use Hotmail much for "real" email these days. Great spam bucket, though.

Looks like thinks Camino is a mobile browser (or, rather, it sees it's not supported and goes to the mobile interface). Sad. Of course, Camino is pretty much dead now, so it's not a huge deal. I like it as my alternative browser at work for Gmail and, well, Blogger (the ctrl shortcuts (a, l, i, b) still work in Camino). Guess it won't be my Outlook interface.

Outlook on Chrome is pretty snappy -- much faster than Gmail, and has a more intuitive search interface, I think.

That said, it's sad that Gmail's archive of my mail goes back farther than Hotmail's, especially considering how I, like many that have a Hotmail account, I guess, used Hotmail years before Gmail was born.

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