Mouse not quick enough in OS X?  Here's a win:

How to speed up mouse tracking in OS X - MacRumors Forums:
defaults write -g 5.0

"5.0" being the number designating the speed. Change that number to whatever you like. I've got my Magic Mouse set to 150 or so.

This does not change the acceleration, just the scaling. Altering the setting via the preferences pane overrides the Terminal command.

Log out and back in to activate.

Actually works.  I'm impressed.  The default max is apparently 3 in OS X settings (with the slider, above, set to the far right).  I'm using 8 on my Dell mouse, and it's too fast, if that gives you any idea of where to start testing, but YMMV by mouse.

Note that setting the scroll with the bar, above, apparently overwrites the setting made in the terminal, which would cause you to run the statement again, log out, and then log back in to reset.

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