[Mono-bugs] [Bug 75996][Maj] New - menuitem event not triggered by Shortcut:
[Mono-bugs] [Bug 75996][Maj] New - menuitem event not triggered by Shortcut

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Tue Sep 6 05:52:00 EDT 2005
/sigh  I don't think that's been fixed.  You know how, when you initially write an app, that you pretty go in and create a good 80% of what it's supposed to look like, it finally all works together, and for at least three minutes you feel like you can rest and call it done?  That's where Mono's Windows.Forms support is.  It's a great, horrendously impressive beta.  Tons of stuff is there, and I can use straight C# to get it all to work, no silly workarounds.

But then, that last 20% is obviously lacking. I can't get SelectionBackColor on RichTextBoxes.  There's potentially no working Shortcuts on MenuItems.

And the Mono IRC channels says Windows.Forms is dead.  I guess if I was bright enough I could fix it myself, but I don't believe the place I need to fix (some drawing lib) is even written in C#.

I'm really impressed the community got this far, but they didn't quite make the Mozilla turning point before the steam disappeared.  It's a "write once, rewrite your GUI everywhere" situation.  I guess that's okay, but it makes me wonder how much time to sink into writing the Windows.Forms app before I make sure I understand XCode's Interface Builder.

In other news, Blogger is finally starting to get backwards compatibility right.  The old-style BlogThis! bookmark now opens a window that, I think, is starting to get blockquote closer to right (still borked, though), and also expands from its old size to one large enough to see the whole window now.  Saves me the trouble of editing the old bookmark's javascript, which I'm embarrassed to say I still haven't.  I just resized the window each time I got the new interface.

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