TweetStation has all the important features for a twitter client:

Chicken noises
Sampled chicken noises are played back on refresh to ensure that you do not take Twitter too seriously
Music Playback
Music playback during message composition will encourage you to write the best possible tweet you can, to create witty and insightful remarks instead of yet another "me too" comment.

More importantly, it's a sample app for using MonoTouch and building for iOS, and has an MIT X11 license.

It looks like MonoTouch for iOS is much more fully supported (and by that, I certainly include sample code) than Mono on the Mac in general, which, of course, makes sense.  Mobile's where it's at right now, and there are more C# programmers trying to code iOS apps than Mac OS X apps, I'd imagine.

Unfortunately, all I've got right now is an iPhone 3G, and though TweetStation supports iOS 4, it requires a 3GS.  Not sure why.

Still, free code that does cool stuff.  That's good.

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